CableFree Gigabit

Offering world-beating performance, CableFree Gigabit Free Space Optics supports data rates from 622 to 1500Mbps with interfaces for Gigabit Ethernet or Fibre Channel for Storage Area Networks.

Outline Specification:

  • Carrier-Class Outdoor grade FSO transmission system
  • Interfaces for all of the major telecommunications and data formats
  • Full-duplex bandwidth from 622Mbps up to 1500Mbps
  • Range variants for 200m, 500m, 1km and 1.5km
  • Wide beam technology overcomes building movement problems
  • Automatic Transmit Power Control (ATPC) feature
  • Connect to Gigabit Ethernet or Fibre Channel interfaces
  • IP65 environmentally protected casings
  • Optional Indoor Unit containing network interfaces, management & power supplies
  • Immediate applications in Data Networking, Telecommunications, Broadcast and CCTV

CableFree Gigabit datasheet

CableFree Gigabit systems are supplied as a pair of full-duplex transceiver units together with optional wall-mount fixings and indoor units containing network interfaces and power supplies.

The system has in-built alignment aids, link-test and diagnostic functions to facilitate installation and service. CableFree Gigabit incorporates numerous safety features and has been certified to meet the Class1M eye-safety requirements of IEC825 and BS EN60825.