Stream Monitoring

Elecard Boro

Boro is a comprehensive and robust solution designed for quality control of live video streams. It perfectly serves OTT and IPTV broadcasting, DVB content preparation and video surveillance systems. The job to be effectively done by Boro is quality assurance for onsite and remote monitoring and validation of the performance of streams and quality of video. Boro is a high value alternative to the overpriced equipment required for inauguration and maintenance of IPTV and OTT platforms. It helps telcos to verify the quality of content in the core of the network and its delivery across the network key segments including the last mile.

  • Surveillance.
  • Image quality control.
  • Image replacement detection.
  • Localizing defective segments of the delivery network.
  • ОТТ TV, IPTV and VOD.
  • Installation, setup and managing delivery networks.
  • Localizing defective segments of the delivery network.
  • Head-end signal monitoring.
  • DVB-streaming.
  • Quality monitoring for multi program streams (MPTS).
  • Control over signal delivery to QAM modulator.
  • Ad insertion control.
  • Ad insertion control in the video stream using SCTE-35.
  • Multimedia servers QA.
  • Load & Stress tests of content distribution servers based on http/HLS protocol.
  • Quality assurance for video equipment.
  • Transcoding.
  • Monitoring of transcoding, multiplexing and encrypting systems at head-end broadcasting stations.