HEVC/H.265 video bitstream analyser

Industry-leading HEVC/H.265 video bitstream analyser, visualization and conformance test tool. Created by HEVC gurus for those needing insight into this new and complex video compression standard.


Customer profile

  • Broadcasters and content delivery professionals
  • Quality assurance teams involved with HEVC video
  • Consultants, educators and those learning HEVC
  • Video codec R&D and implementation engineers


  • Dramatically reduce risk of purchasing or releasing products that do not fully comply with the international standard
  • Huge saving in personnel and opportunity costs through accelerating development, QA and problem solving
  • A powerful learning and demonstration tool helping to speed users up the learning curve of the most complex video compression standard to date
  • Backed with comprehensive support and continued incremental improvements

Key features

  • HEVC conformance validation with error reports, error descriptions and references to the standard
  • Printable bitstream statistics allowing insight into the operation of HEVC encoders and bitstreams.
  • Visualisation of video bitstream characteristics from picture relationships down to individual bits and CABAC bins
  • Video frame display with zoom and pan facility to examine key decode pipeline stages: predicted, reconstructed, output and difference against a YUV reference
  • Multitude of informative picture overlays
  • Syntax and semantics terminology entirely consistent with HEVC specification text
  • Multithreaded / multi-process architecture optimized for multi-core processors


  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 or 8.1; 32- or 64-bit; recommend 1920×1080 or higher display resolution

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