LabMU-Studio is a revolutionary multiuser production environment intended for TRAINING purposes whist also being suited to customers on a restricted budget. Typical applications are low complexity programme production facilities such as Internet TV, School TV, Community TV. The platform allows a complete programme production centre to be implemented, with fast return on investment. The innovative product permits simultaneous access and collaborative working among the different production rooms previously designed by the users.

NyeTec - LabMU-Studio


  • Engineering design of programme production environments
  • Training on operation of production devices, such as video mixers, audio mixers, control rooms, playout rooms, etc.
  • School TV: production by and for the students, with direct output to the Internet
  • Local TV: big savings in content creation with virtual devices
  • Internet TV: create and stream content straight to most popular streaming servers
  • Outside Broadcast & Sports Events: hardware-free mobile units

LabMU-Studio datasheet