Nevion Flashlink

NyeTec - Nevion

The Flashlink transport system family offers solutions ranging from simple CWDM/DWDM point to point links to nationwide optical links. In addition to transport systems, the Flashlink line offers signal processing solutions including format conversion, frame synchronizers, embedders/de-embedders, couplers, up/down/cross-converters, optical and distribution amplifiers. Flashlink provides ultra low power, compact form factors and high reliability for broadcast environments, resulting in award-winning optical fiber distribution and signal processing solutions. The Flashlink series features the lightest 2RU frame on the market and a carbon footprint that reduces power consumption by a dramatic 30 – 50%. Flashlink also features a completely fan-free environment, saving customers resources with the elimination of fan maintenance and replacement, further increasing the reliability of the platform.

Flashlink N-BOX

  • Holds 1 Flashlink product
  • NyeTec - FlashlinkUltra-compact 108x42x180mm (WxHxD)
  • Hot-swappable cards
  • Shelf for 1RU and various mounting brackets available
  • Can be connected together for control
  • AC and DC power supply available

Flashlink N-Box datasheet